Performance Monitoring

ADASIGHT is a low overhead [small footprint] performance monitor for ADABAS and NATURAL applications on the server platforms. It is designed to provide useful and meaningful real time statistics, as well as provide  facilities for historical analysis of any given local application.


DBA's and system administrators are able to tune databases with the information provided by ADASIGHT, in conjunction with other sources of system information. The ADASIGHT online application can be used to control the ADASIGHT environment, such features as tracing command activity at all or enabling passive no impact mode of operation. Simply logging into the Browser based application and turning tracing on enables the DBA or sysadmin to capture previously unavailable performance statistics and an additional level of diagnostic trace capabilities.

The product is designed to have minimal impact on performance and still be able to provide comprehensive statistics for DBA's and system administrators.

For more information about ADASIGHT you can download our marketing material here and also available is a Performance Tuning with ADASIGHT white paper.

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