Company Profile

This website is the home of CCA Software on the web – part of the FreeSoft Group of companies. We are the leading Independent Software Vendor for the provision of utility & system software tools for the ADABAS/NATURAL platform.

CCA Software was originally established to develop, distribute and support products designed to add efficiency and flexibility to ADABAS installations. Over our 20+ year history our range of products has expanded to be broad based with the addition of data migration and propagation tools, sophisticated search and asset management systems, SOA enabling technologies along-side our consulting services to assist customers and partners around the world.
Our products are widely lauded by customers "in the know" and used in hundreds of sites in over 25 countries around the world. Our product range includes:

  • tcVision a sophisticated change data capture system from BOS Software in Germany. Allowing real-time, near real-time CDC from virtually any mainframe data source to any virtually and RDBMS.
  • ADAREORG, ADASTRIP and DBAUDIT utilities specifically for the mainframe ADABAS environment.
  • ADAMAGIC, ADAREORG and ADASIGHT - utilities for the ADABAS server based platform.
  • NIM TP Monitor, NIMISPF - systems software and programmer productivity for the mainframe Natural platform.
  • TSI products N2O, TRIM, tRe/DPS, DPSYNC, NatQuery and NatCDC products specifically for the Natural ADABAS environment.
  • Portus - from Ostia - enabling the rapid, simple and extremely cost effective implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture.

CCA Software has precisely the right solution for you to get the job done quickly, easily and most importantly cost effectively.