eSTRIP is an essential tool in the use of the ADASTRIP data extraction product. 

eSTRIP as the name suggests is an ADASTRIP extender. It extends ADASTRIP by allowing users to select data in a parent child type relationship, ie, records that are related by a common key can be extracted to create subsets of data. This data is suitable for test databases or publishing related data to a data warehouse in an RDBMS from the high performance transaction ADABAS databases.

eSTRIP provides facilities to create the primary key extract file and then runs as a special ADASTRIP user exit which undertakes the selection process as required.

Associated with eSTRIP but nonetheless sold as separate products are a set of useful ADASTRIP Exits. They are as follows:


Converts ADASTRIP output to a Comma-separated-value format. Negative zoned decimal numbers are catered for and decimal points can be inserted. Natural Date and Time fields will be converted to an acceptable format. 


Sorts out the negative zoned decimal fields that cause a problem when the data is transferred to a different platform.

Example: Value + 123 = F1F2F3
         value – 123 = F1F2D3


Is changed to –123 for SQL databases that don’t know what to do with F1F2D3


Combines the features of Zonedec and Zipditto to convert the ADASTRIP output into compressed ASCII data as one smooth operation.

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