Product Support Sheet

PRODUCT Product Version Operating System Support ADABAS Version Support Natural Version Support Release Date
ADAMAGIC V4.02z AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows V5.1, V6.1, V7.2, V7.4 N/a Feb 2010
ADAMAGIC V4.2.7rev1441 AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

V5.1, V6.1, V6.3
V8.1+, V8.2, V8.3

N/a Dec 2016
ADAREORG V2.32d z/OS, MSP-EX V6.2, V7.1
V7.2, V7.4
N/a Dec 2008
ADAREORG V3.05d z/OS (>2.1) V8.1+@, V8.3.1 N/a Sep 2017
ADAREORG V2.1.0rev1143 AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows V5.1+
V6.1, V6.2
N/a Jan 2017
ADASIGHT V3.0.1rev1545 Linux, Solaris, AIX V6.x V6.3.x, V8.4 Jan 2018
ADASTRIP V5.02q z/OS, MSP/EX V6.2, V7.x
N/a Jul 2010
ADASTRIP V5.11f z/OS (>2.1) 7.x, V8.x@, V8.3.x N/a Dec 2017
DBAUDIT V4.00 OS390, z/OS 1.1+, MSP-EX V6.2, V7.1, V7.2, V7.4, V8.x N/a Mar 2015
NIM V4.30f OS390, MSP-EX V6.2, V7.1, V7.2, V7.4 V2.3, V3.1 Mar 2004

V6.2, V7.1
V7.2, V7.4
V3.1, V4.1.3+ May 2010
NIM V4.53b z/OS 1.5+ V7.4, V8.1x, V8.2x, V8.3x V4.2x, V6.3, V8.2x Jan 2016
NIM V5.00c z/OS 1.4+ V7.x, V8.1x , V8.2x V3.1x,V4.1x , V4.26, V8.2x Jun 2013
NIMISPF V4.51 OS390, z/OS 1.6+ V7.4, V8.1x, V8.2x V4.1.4+ Feb 2007
NIMSPOOL V2.02 OS390/MSP V6.2, V7.1
V7.2, V8.1x
V3.1, V4.1, V4.26

Jun 2002

STRIP-IT V1.9.5227 Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 n/a n/a May 2014

@ support for ADABAS 8.x spanned records and MUPEX is provided in this release.
## ADAMAGIC will read OS390, VSE, VM, MSP-EX ADASAV backups as input.
% ADASTRIP provides support for 3390 m9 "&" m27 disks in DSNTYP=LARGE mode
** ADASTRIP for UNIX is part of ADAMAGIC
NIM V5.00b provides storage protection with Natural 3.16 and 4.14, 4.25.
NIM V4.51 provides support for NIMISPF programmer productivity package.