Treehouse Products



AUDITRE is a generalized auditing facility for ADABAS. AUDITRE is a popular tool that has proven to have many uses.


DPSync delivers critical information stored in ADABAS to relational databases in real time, providing immediate access to ADABAS data updates without impacting ADABAS performance.

N2O - N2O/3GL

The ADABAS/NATURAL product offerings from Treehouse Software, Inc. (TSI), include N2O, a NATURAL application change management system and 3GL support for PANVALET, LIBRARIAN, ENDEVOR, and PDSs.


PROFILER enables sites to thoroughly test NATURAL applications, resulting in lower maintenance and support requirements.

tRelational and DPS

tRelational and Data Propagation System (DPS) are robust products that provide modelling and data transfer of legacy ADABAS data into modern RDBMS-based platform for Internet/Intranet/Business Intelligence applications.


TRIM, a robust performance monitor for ADABAS and NATURAL.